Pre-Algebra is offered to eighth graders at Prairie School as a stepping stone to high school mathematics.  Algebraic relationships are integrated into the course using proportions, the solving of linear functions, inequalities, real numbers (irrational and rational numbers), statistical data, plane geometry (perimeter, area, volume), ratios, percents, probability, and graphing lines on the Cartesian Coordinate System.  Students are encouraged to obtain a strong mathematical foundation throughout this course so as to pursue the high school curriculum.  The textbook used in this course is "Pre-Algebra" by Holt with authors Bennett, Chard, Jackson, Scheer, and Waits.   Enrichment activities include student participation at the U.N.C. Math Contest.  In addition, students with a high degre of math-science aptitude are invited to participate in N.J.C.'s Math-Science Contest in April.  Graphing calculators are used to enhance instruction.

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